The Quickpay app

Quickpay allows you to top-up your meter without having to leave your own home. Quickpay connects with your meter so that you’re able to top-up on the go, without having to nip to the shops to purchase credit.

  • Simple system available via our website, Apple Store or Google Play
  • Top-up anywhere, any time
  • Available to use on smartphones and tablets
  • Convenient – no need to go out to top-up
  • All major credit and debit cards accepted
  • Enables a seamless service

With Quickpay, there are two top-up options to choose from; Auto Top-up and Regular Top-up. A pay-as-you-go top-up option is also available for those who prefer to add credit on an as-needed basis.

Click here to visit the Quickpay website.
Or for more detailed Quickpay instructions, download our User Guide

A ‘Quick’ Quickpay Guide

What is Auto Top-up?

Auto Top-up ensures that you never run short of credit by automatically topping-up to an agreed value once a minimum credit level has been reached, working in the same way as an Oyster Card

What is Regular Top-up?

Regular Top-up enables you to budget better by topping-up credit automatically on a selected date of the week or month on a regular basis, without having to setup a Direct Debit

Getting started with Quickpay

  1. Go to the App Store for iOS or the Google Play Store for Android and search ‘Switch2’
  2. Download the free app
  3. Once downloaded, you’ll be asked for your serial number and passcode
  4. Your serial number is printed below the barcode on the front of your unit
  5. To access your passcode, click on the ‘passcode help’ button and enter your serial number

Now you’re ready to log in and top-up.

How to login & Top-up

  1. Enter your serial number and passcode into the app
  2. Select your payment amount and click ‘purchase’
  3. Enter your card details and submit your payment
  4. You will be advised how quickly the credit will be on your unit*

*Please note, credit may take as little as 5 minutes, depending on your mobile connection. It is always better to keep your credit level topped up. Emergency credit should only be used if you unable to top-up when required.