CPD seminars for community and district heat networks

Offering the you opportunity to enhance your existing professional standards, our CPD seminars deliver informative and highly relevant know-how on implementing and improving the most effective and energy efficient heat networks to providing a better customer experience.

Designed to give you the skills and knowledge you need to make a success of heat networks.


Approved by the CPDUK, our CPDs have been designed to cover a range of stakeholders within heat networks and housing developments. We explain how new technologies are evolving heat networks, along with answering key questions on challenging applications, raised in the design, installation and operation of heating and cooling systems.

We also provide the softer skill training services on how to provide an optimised customer experience throughout onboarding, delivery to business as usual.

Switch2 CPD sessions include:

Anatomy of a heat network

Learn the basics of community and district heating. Starting with what the core components are including compliance.

Domestic heat metering for heat networks

Everything you need to know about metering in community and district heating schemes.

Heat Network (metering and billing) Regulations

Make sure that your schemes are compliant with our 20 minute fresher course.

Smart metering for heat networks

Future-proof your systems with smart and connected systems; Improving efficiencies and reducing cost.

Energy centre and heat network: Metering for performance

Gain an understanding of how metering plays an integral role in performance excellence.

Heat network operation and maintenance

Get the technical overview on how to operate and maintain heat networks.

Controls for heat networks

Outline the key controls for residents that can safeguard your heat network and housing assets.

HIU basics

Understand the basic operation of a HIU.

Setting the heat tariff

Learn how to set a clear, fair, transparent tariff for your communal heating scheme.

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