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We led the way with Energy Service Company (ESCo) services and we are experts in the area.

We can work with you in a number of ways, whether you want us to remove your risk and take complete control of your community scheme, or you want us to become a partner in a long-term joint venture. Alternatively, you may wish to keep control and sub-contract the scheme management to us – we have the expertise and options available to suit.

Over the last 10 years we have extended our portfolio of ESCos.  To ensure fairness and transparency for residents we register our ESCOs with the Heat Trust.

Switch2 has the expertise, capability and proven track record to deliver well-run and efficient heat networks, protecting the brand of the client and delivering excellent customer services.


As the ESCo, Switch2 will take complete technical and commercial responsibility for the heating infrastructure and reliable provision of heating to customers. We will adopt the heating infrastructure and provide:

  • Fuel procurement
  • Tariff setting
  • Planned and reactive maintenance for the energy centre and properties
  • Proactive management of the production and distribution of heat to optimise performance
  • Manage the Plant and property replacement fund
  • 24/7/365 customer services
  • Take full commercial risk of operating the networks in terms of future energy prices, heat loads, operation and maintenance costs and customer debts


For the resident, the Switch2 solution provides excellent customer services. The residents’ contracts are robust and long established. The UK-based call centre and 24/7/365 responsive maintenance provide important re-assurance for residents.


Read about our experience as the ESCo in the case studies below or contact us to discuss your scheme further.

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