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40% of our customers come to us after suffering a bad experience elsewhere. Thankfully, we have the experience and expertise you need to get your scheme running effectively. We’ll shoulder the hassle for you – and for your residents.

Whatever the difficulties with your community heating scheme, we can help. Are you spending too much on energy – perhaps running your scheme at a loss? Are there technical problems? Are you struggling with administration and billing for energy? Aren’t you getting the data you need? Are your occupiers frustrated? Are they slow to pay, or having credit problems?

Just give us a call. There isn’t a problem we haven’t seen or can’t help to resolve.

Auditing your scheme

We’ll come in and audit your existing scheme to see how successful it is. We’ll assess the energy-efficiency of your equipment, look for energy loss and wastage in your public and private areas, and check your financial model. Since we’ve collected energy consumption data from over 400 sites, we can accurately model the energy and billing requirements of any community energy scheme. Our models are accurate to within 1-2% over a 25-year period. And regardless of your energy type (CHP, biomass, heat pumps, gas) we can predict the energy bill for each individual residence, as well as the profit and loss for the entire scheme.

Accurately measuring residents’ consumption

With a community heating scheme, you must bill your occupiers fairly for the energy they consume. Our market-leading automatic meter-reading systems will measure your residents’ consumption accurately and in real time — and can be retro-fitted to existing schemes:

  • Remote meter-reading means there’s no need to enter residences
  • Billing is based on actual consumption, decreasing frustration and combating fuel poverty
  • Usage data is always up-to-date and accurate
  • Your overhead costs are reduced
  • Heating-system faults can be identified much earlier.

Setting fair tariffs

Once you’ve measured energy consumption for each resident, you must bill them using a fixed tariff plus a price per Kwh. If your prices are set too low, your scheme may run at a loss. But if they’re too high, your occupiers are being treated unfairly — and they may reduce their consumption, leading to fuel poverty, serious issues for vulnerable residents, and a headache for you. Our sophisticated financial modelling will help you set the right prices, making life easier for everyone, and ensure that your leases cover everything they should.

Billing, pay-as-you-go & credit control

If billing and credit control are a problem for you, we can offer complete solutions. We can issue monthly or quarterly bills to your residents either on paper or via our paperless online portal, or they can use our superb pay-as-you-go  prepayment card. We provide credit-control systems to encourage timely payments, plus a debt-management service. Choose the right payment options for your residents:

  • variable direct debit
  • fixed direct debit (weekly or monthly)
  • standing orders
  • internet billing
  • credit or debit card payments via our dedicated 24/7 automated telephone line
  • payment via Paypoint or the Post Office, using our bar-coded bills
  • our no-stigma pay-as-you-go card (which can be topped up online or by mobile phone).

Looking after your residents

We provide an invaluable interface between your residents and your community heating scheme, and are always happy to answer their questions or resolve their problems (so you don’t have to). When we take over the management of a scheme, all residents get a welcome pack and an explanation of how the scheme works. We reduce resident frustration, and protect vulnerable residents, by helping you to set fair prices and measure consumption accurately. Our UK call centre will take residents’ questions about bills, meter readings, payments, changes of tenancy, and more. Automated metering means we don’t need to enter residences, but we’re happy to send a customer-service-trained engineer out to occupiers if they have a technical problem. Needless to say, we protect residents’ personal and banking information very carefully. And we generally keep an eye out for who’s using too much or too little energy.

Support & maintenance

We will ensure that all of your existing equipment is functioning correctly and that energy isn’t being wasted or lost. We’ll ensure that your plant has been correctly installed and sealed, and will highlight any outdated or problem equipment. We’ll check that your meters are collecting and forwarding data as they should. If required, we can service your equipment, and would be happy to take on the management of your plant-room and the distribution of heat to individual residences on an ongoing basis.

Talk to us about your existing community energy scheme. We’ll help you make it a success.


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How long from signing the contract with Switch2 will we be able to respond to calls?

We can begin providing services to you residents almost immediately after the contract is signed and we are provided with a full property list.

Can you maintain both the dwelling and plant room?

Yes, Switch2 offer a completely comprehensive service, covering both dwelling internals and plant rooms, in fact we have over 20 years experience working with communal energy systems. We are also able to cover a full range of different systems, including heating, gas, hot and cold water or electricity.

Do you offer different levels of cover?

Yes, Switch2 are able to offer numerous levels of cover to meet our client requirements. This can range from fully comprehensive cover, covering the entire system, to maintenance cover of the communal areas of the system and not the dwelling internals. We are also able to offer a number of different packages to allow our clients to always remain in control of costs, these range from fully comprehensive Total Guarantee Contracts for a fixed monthly price to contracts charged at an agreed upon hourly rate.

Do you offer out of hours cover?

Yes as with all our contracts this is tailored to our clients requirements but through an innovative geographical routing system, all calls received out of hours are automatically forwarded to the local on call engineer meaning we are able to attend to all emergencies

What are your SLA (Service Level Agreements) and response times?

All our SLAs and response times are specific to each client and contract, we tailor all our product specifications around your, and your residents, specific requirements. This allows us to be extremely competitive.

Heat Network (Metering & Billing) Regulation 2014

“PAYG system offers residents energy control”

The Customer

Wakefield District Housing (WDH) manages more than 31,000 homes across Wakefield and invests in new build homes in the city.

The Challenge

WDH needed to upgrade heating controls to allow residents to correctly control the system and only pay for the energy they use.


WDH partnered with Switch2 to deliver a district-wide upgrade of district heating properties including:

  • Upgrade heating controls
  • Charging mechanism enabling residents to only pay for what they use
  • Replacement of any previous system in operation
  • Administration of the G6 (pay-as-you-go) system
  • Data provider for installed AMR meters
  • Supply meter readings to WDH to enable them to accurately bill the residents
  • Resident liaison to ensure they were on board, faced minimal disruption and were communicated to at all times


The partnership resident involvement strategy provided a number of scheme advocates of local standing who continued to support their communities in adapting to the new system. The successes of the partnership have been realised across all sites with an increased system understanding and improved efficiencies with a reduction in overall site main gas consumption of up to 28%.
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