We use powerful, smart technology to bring together measurement, control, communications and advanced automated analytics to significantly improve system efficiencies.


Optimise provides an all-encompassing big data analytic platform, connecting plant equipment and sensors with internet feeds and CCTV; managing issues that will have an impact on efficient heat network scheme performance.

We believe that transparency, remote-connectivity and the bringing together of metering and BEMS are key to improving the performance of heat networks.

  • 35% energy typical saving

    on heat networks

  • £87 per property saving

    (typical yearly saving without the lifecycle cost saving)

Optimise gives developers, scheme operators and housing managers real-time, fully transparent access to network performance. It uses learning algorithms and logical policies for automation; creating fit-for-purpose, smarter controls that assist with remote changes to system flow and demand requirements.

Optimise transforms the operations of heat networks

Optimise manages multiple heat networks from a single web-based system that combines metering and BEMs systems for effective monitoring and control. It uses tools normally associated with large commercial and public energy systems, to check efficiencies and implement plans to ensure domestic heating systems run at optimum performance, as per the heat network original design intent.

Optimise transforms the operations of heat networks

Why choose Optimise?

Optimise gives 24/7/365 remote monitoring and control

Our web-based platform gives continuous, real-time access to the performance of a network and the ambition to resolve any issues before a customer is aware that there is one. In many cases, a diagnosis and fix can be carried out remotely that would traditionally require a visit to the plant room.

Optimise reduces OPEX costs

It is built upon our 35 years’ experience and big data analytics to identify performance risks, inefficiencies and logical changes to reduce OPEX costs whilst increasing the quality of heat. A Switch2 Optimise plant is operated at its most efficient settings; this improve efficiency and prolongs the life of the equipment, reducing the cost of maintenance, relates and renewals.

Multi-vendor support guaranteed

Optimise is supported by multiple vendor equipment.

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