Advanced community heat network operations and maintenance:
Do your heat networks operate reliably and efficiently?

Switch2 have a unique advanced solution that combines remote monitoring and control with engineering consultancy services; giving you the confidence that your heating systems are operated to maximum reliability and efficiencies leading to satisfied customers.

At the forefront of heat networks

Switch2 is at the forefront of community heating and use this position to develop advanced and comprehensive services that drives customer results in engagement and satisfaction. We have been operating community heating systems for over 35 years, making us uniquely qualified to offer a service that is designed to deliver customer satisfaction.

Community heat networks managed remotely from a single web-based system combining both metering and BEMS systems for effective monitoring and control. Our Switch2 Optimise Team use tools that are normally associated with large commercial and public energy systems, to check efficiencies and implement plans that will ensure domestic heating systems run at optimum performance, as per the heat network design.

We manage the full end-to-end heat network, not just plant rooms. We monitor the performance of each apartment using the domestic meters connected to smart metering or automatic meter reading systems, this enables us to understand exact consumption requirements for each dwelling, and the right amount of heat and hot water required for a building, thus improving delta T’s and cost associated with wasted heat.

We understand that there are many legacy systems that do not perform as well as the designers anticipated; we report on where the design and installation falters or doesn’t meet current best practice standards. This will result in transparent and realistic expectations and a programme of improvements demonstrating acceptable paybacks.

Switch2 understand heat networks

We focus on maintaining reliability as well as increasing efficiency to reduce costs to the resident and CO2 emissions:

Energy consultancy: 
We will carry out an initial bench-marking exercise against the ADE/CIBSE Code of Practice. Setting realistic targets for reliability and efficiency based on your community heating scheme's consumption. We will identify gaps and improvements and then you should see an acceptable payback. For more information on energy consultancy services from Switch2 click here.

Performance guarantees: 
Our approach enables us to confidently predict improvement performance which will allow guarantee performance.

The Switch2 Optimise platform integrates metering across the network and seamlessly report and rates end to end heat network performance along with highlighting areas for improvement.

BEMS systems: 
Switch2 have a specialist team who are experienced in reviewing and optimising plant room and network control systems. Our Switch2 Optimise platform allows connection to a number of BEMs systems (BACNet enabled) and is built to facilitate the management of a large portfolio of heat network.

Display and transparency: 
Switch2 believe that transparency and engagement are the key to customer satisfaction, reliable and efficient heat networks . The Switch2 Optimise Platform is web based and has a dash board and schematic modules that make key information and data available to all the heat network stake holders.

Optimising community heating networks

Switch2 have a team of engaged commercial and domestic field service engineers who are an integral part of delivering our Switch2 Optimise solution. Not only are our field service engineers trained in their specific areas of expertise they are educated in the challenges and best practice of optimising community heating networks giving them and understanding not normally associated with M&E O&M teams.