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Looking for a new community energy scheme? Make sure you ask for our expert advice. We’ll help you to choose a scheme that delivers only the energy you need – at just the right price. We’re unique because we can even shoulder the end-to-end management of your scheme – including design, funding, installation, billing & credit control.

There are usually lots of people who can influence your choice of scheme – like your developer, your agent, your contractor and even their subcontractors. But no one knows more than Switch2 about creating a successful scheme. After all, 40% of our clients come to us because they’ve had a bad experience elsewhere.

Superb financial modelling

Because of our extensive experience, we hold detailed data on over 400 community energy sites. This enables us to accurately predict the energy you’ll need and what you should charge residents for it. We’re highly accurate (to within 1-2%) – and that’s over the life of your scheme, which could easily be 25 years. We can predict the energy bill for each household whether you choose CHP, biomass, heat pumps or gas. And that means we can predict the profits (or losses) for any entire scheme.

We’ll enter your property type and size, tenure basis, M&E specification, and the cost of your plant room and energy-delivery network into our financial model. We’ll add in a reserve fund to pay for larger outlays (such as boiler replacement) and maintenance costs for the life of the scheme – usually 25 years. We’ll insert your estimated energy requirements (and no one can estimate them as accurately as we can). We’ll add in inflation and a range of other costs, and then generate a bespoke model which projects your energy needs as well as the standing charge/Kwh prices you need to charge your occupiers. We can even review your model on an annual basis.

Scheme funding options

We can arrange funding for your scheme, where you repay the capital costs over a period of time. We offer a wide range of helpful schemes, so please contact us to discuss your options.

Your choice of management scheme

We offer several options to help you manage your scheme, depending on how you want to balance your levels of control and risk:

  • We can take on full responsibility for the profit & loss of your scheme, thereby removing your risk (this is where we act as your energy service company, or ESCo)
  • We could become your partner in a long-term joint venture (this is called an energy partnering contract), where we share the risks and rewards fairly between us
  • You could sub-contract the scheme’s management to us while you retain control over your scheme and any associated risks (this is called contract energy management).

Specifying, commissioning & supporting

We can help you to specify the scheme you need. We often find that the wrong equipment has been selected, and that it hasn’t been commissioned correctly (which is a disaster if you don’t get the data you need for billing). We can do any snagging, such as wiring or sealing. And we can service and support your plant throughout the lifecycle of your scheme – up to 25 years.

Price-setting, metering, billing & credit control

Our financial model will help you set correct pricing for your residents’ fixed charge and Kwh. We can bill your occupiers based on usage data from our automated meter, offering them a wide range of payment options or our market-leading pay-as-you-go prepayment card. We can even manage your credit control and debt management.

Looking after your residents

We’ll help your residents to understand the scheme and how to save energy and reduce costs. Our UK call centre will handle their queries and problems, so you don’t have to. Thanks to remote metering, we don’t need to invade the privacy of their home. And we protect residents’ health and budgets by watching out for energy usage which is too low or too high.

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How does community energy work?

From one central energy centre, natural gas is used to generate the required heating and hot water. The energy is then distributed to the properties, via easy to use metering and controls.

With community energy, you are buying “useful energy” (e.g. hot water) rather than “raw fuel” such as gas, which you would otherwise have to convert into heating via a private boiler. With centralised energy production we are able to optimise the efficiency of this conversion process far and above that of an individual system supplying only one consumer.

Why choose a community heating scheme?

There are many reasons for you to opt for a community heating scheme; whether it be for the environmentally friendly credentials, high level of service, reliability,  cost savings, or simply the fact that all of the energy supply is included in one easy to understand bill.

Energy prices have soared in recent years.  With a centralised boiler comes the ability to change fuel supplies in the future. This allows the system to switch to the most suitable fuel source, allowing better price stability and effectively future proofing the system. Accurately metered supplies mean that your residents will only get billed for the useful energy that they use. Switch2 is able to provide maintenance of the entire system to maximise its efficiencies and quickly respond to any issues.

It is widely accepted that climate change is happening, and by choosing a community system you are making a contribution towards the global targets for the reduction of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

What are your SLA (Service Level Agreements) and response times?

All our SLAs and response times are specific to each client and contract, we tailor all our product specifications around your, and your residents, specific requirements. This allows us to be extremely competitive.

Are your engineers fully qualified?

All Switch2 engineers are fully qualified to industry and legal requirements as well as going through an intense and ongoing training scheme that has been developed in-house. This allows all our engineers to be fully trained on our clients systems before they enter the field. We also conduct monthly audits on every engineer to ensure we maintain these exceptionally high standards.

Heat Network (Metering & Billing) Regulation 2014

”Heating and metering solution delivers cost and carbon reduction“

The Customer

The Royal Arsenal is a mixed urban development and forms part of an entire regeneration of a historic riverside location in Woolwich, South East London.

The Challenge

The developer, Berkeley Homes, required a partner who could manage and maintain the heating and hot water supplied to the 755 mixed tenure apartments.


Switch2 was chosen to act as service provider for the scheme.

The service included:

  • Utilities procurement
  • Operation and maintenance of the plant and heating infrastructure
  • Meter reading
  • Billing
  • Credit control and debt management
  • Provision of scheme administration services


At the Royal Arsenal site Switch2 has worked closely with the client to optimise fuel use. Competitive procurement and advanced measurement and metering systems are capable of reducing residents’ utility bills by as much as a third.

Sustainability has been at the heart of every aspect of the Royal Arsenal scheme, aiming to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. For the new properties Energy A5* SAP rating between 92 and 94 has been achieved.
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