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Is there anything you want to know?

Customers often contact us with the same types of questions. Therefore we have compiled a list of FAQs which will help clarify frequent areas of confusion. You can find a full set of FAQs below.

What is a community energy scheme?

Rather than having an individual boiler in each property, community heating is generated from a central energy centre with one set of boilers. These boilers may be gas or include renewable sources such as biomass (wood) fuel. In addition to heating, water and electricity may also be included in the central energy centre. The utilities are then distributed to your property via a local infrastructure (pipes and wires) direct to homes. The main thing to remember is that with community energy you have a pre-heated building that is kept warm all the time. This means you only have to pay for the heat you use in your home and not the costs associated with running an individual boiler from cold to hot. Centralised community energy schemes optimise efficiency far and above that of an individual system supplying one customer.

How does community heating work?

Generally, a centralised boiler generates heat and hot water and distributes it to homes included in the scheme. It is more efficient than each home having individual boilers. Instead, each property connected to the scheme has a Consumer Interface Unit and a heat meter. The heat meter measures each kilowatt hour used in the property, this is then used to calculate your bills.

Can I change my supplier?

If you are connected to a community energy scheme the possibility of changing supplier is very unlikely and the change could prove costly bearing in mind individual boiler purchase costs, rewiring and servicing etc. We will also do everything possible to ensure our tariffs are comparable to conventional heating systems.

Will I receive a refund if I have a credit balance when my monthly Direct Debt is re-assessed?

Paying by monthly Direct Debit is designed to spread your payments evenly over the year. You should build up a credit during the summer months to cover the increased energy you use during the winter. We will review your payments regularly and advise you of any changes. However if you are concerned about a credit balance please contact us today and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Why is a kilowatt hour of heat more expensive than a kilowatt of gas?

A normal gas meter registers the volume of gas consumed from the point it enters the home, and therefore includes all costs associated with heating the individual boiler. Heat meters record the heat available and used immediately, this means that although the cost is slightly higher you should use less actual kilowatt hours, in some cases up to 50% less.

What is a budget Direct Debit?

A budget Direct Debit is a fixed amount taken via Direct Debit on a monthly basis. This amount taken is based on a twelfth of your annual estimated bill value. This means that in summer when you use less energy, your account may be in credit. As you consume more energy in winter, the credit will be used up. The advantage of this budgeting method is that it allows you to plan your monthly expenditure.

What is a variable Direct Debit?

A variable Direct Debit is where a bill has been issued and within 14 days the value of that bill will automatically be taken from your bank account. This money is then used to clear the balance on your bill. This means your bills are always paid promptly.

What is a payment plan?

We understand that it can be difficult to manage all the bills you have to pay. If you are struggling to pay your bill we can help by setting up a payment plan to help clear any arrears and keep up to date with future accounts.

Why have you changed my budget Direct Debit amount?

We review your direct debit payments against your consumption on an annual basis to ensure you are not paying too much or too little. If the monthly amount needs to change we will let you know at least 10 working days before we collect the revised amount.