Saving Energy

Everyone wants to make savings on their energy bills. By making some very small changes you can save more than you think. We have collated some top tips which can help you save energy in your home. Why not give them a try?


  • Get to know your heating controls and use this to set the heating to turn on and off when necessary
  • Try turning your room thermostat down one degree and see if you are still feeling comfortable. This could save up to 10% of your heating bill


  • If you have individual controls on your radiators make sure these are set at the correct temperature for the rooms where you spend time
  • Avoid covering radiators and using them to dry clothes, as this can reduce their efficiency by 30%

Keep the heat in

  • Closing curtains in the evenings helps to keep the heat in
  • Ensure windows are closed when the heating is on to reduce heat wastage


  • Install energy efficient bulbs as they can last up to 15 times longer and provide the same light at a quarter of the running costs of normal bulbs

Turn it off

  • Turn off the lights, TV and other appliances when they are not in use
  • Never leave appliances on standby. Households can save between £45-80 a year by turning appliances off rather than leaving on standby

Eliminate draughts

  • Cut out draughts by using draught-excluding products for doors and windows
  • Turn your heating down rather than opening a window to reduce the room temperature

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Metering queries


What are smart meters?

Smart meters are energy meters that allow two-way communication. This enables us to collect consumption information without having to send a meter-reader to visit your home. Smart meters are different to ‘in-home displays’ that give instant information about your energy consumption.

How often will my meters be read?

We read your meters at intervals determined by our client. This may be at daily, weekly or monthly intervals. If your meter readings are collected by our client, this may be different.

How will my meter be read?

On most of our schemes, we use an automatic meter reading system (AMR) to collect data from your meter. This means that generally, we don’t need to come round and take a reading manually.

How do I submit a meter reading?

To submit a meter reading, please contact us today. Please make sure you have the serial number of the meter as well as the reading itself with you.

What happens if you estimate my readings, then I give you my own reading?

If we issue a bill based on estimates and you then provide a meter reading (along with the meter serial number) we will re-issue you with an updated bill based on that accurate information.

Why is my meter reading stated as ‘estimate’?

Your meter reading may be stated as ‘estimate’ if for any reason we have been unable to collect an actual meter reading. You can give us an actual reading by contacting us or see ‘how do I submit a meter reading’ above.