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we pride ourselves on putting the resident first

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At Switch2 we pride ourselves on putting the resident first. We know that the services we offer need to suit the needs of those directly benefiting from them and work closely with our clients to help increase their understanding and think like the residents.

Here’s what some of our residents have to say about our services.

“I am extremely happy with the G6, I am currently paying between £15-20 a month and I like being on pre-payment as I can manage my budget easier”.
Richard Mokos, Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing resident

(The new meter is) “straight forward and easy to use. The comparison options and the fact the box shows your credit in money is helping me to control what I spend.”
Mr Bryan Taylor, Balby Bridge, Doncaster

“Everything was excellent. The installation went swimmingly and there were no problems with installation. Best meter we’ve had!”
Mrs Susan O’Connell, Balby Bridge, Doncaster

Resident Mr McLellan with G6 unit

“I am very happy with the G6 unit, it’s very cost effective and I now know exactly how much I am spending, which is brilliant. Different variation in ways to pay is also really helpful, it’s easy to use and has been explained to us really well.”
Ian McLellan, Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing resident (above)

“I save a lot of money in the summer and autumn and pay about the same in winter. It’s definitely a better system because I control what I top up and only pay for what I use”
Miss Megan Dunks, Sheffield resident

“I am paying less. I’m paying around half of what I was, £30 per month rather than nearly £60. I’m very happy because I’m definitely saving money.”
Mr & Mrs Cammack, Sheffield residents

“I am very happy with the new meter, and it is costing me less to heat my home.”
Mrs Sheila Jones, Sheffield resident

“Because the whole family are out at work all day, only paying for what we use is beneficial to our family. We are spending less on energy.”
Mr Kitson & Mrs Atkin, Sheffield residents

“Because I pay for what I use I spend a lot less over summer and autumn.”
Ms Michelle Boulton, Sheffield resident (below)


“My money seems to be lasting longer on the meter, which is benefiting the family as we have more money to spend.”
Miss Lauren Lancaster, Sheffield resident

“I’m paying a lot less. I have more spare money available.”
Ms Sylvia Taylor, Sheffield resident

“I’m paying a lot less since the new meter was installed.”
Mr Peter Carter, Sheffield resident

“Paying for only what I use means I’m saving a lot of money. I don’t need to use my heating much, and previously was paying whether I used it or not. I now only pay for what I use. Much better system.”
Sheffield resident

“I am saving money, about half. I used to pay £10 per week but now only £5.”
Sheffield resident

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“I’m paying a lot less since the new meter was installed.”