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Switch2 Energy is a leading supplier of services to community and district heating schemes. We serve over 70,000 homes across the UK.

Are you a new customer?

Welcome to your new heating system!

These next few pages will guide you through all you need to know about your property’s heating and hot water system.

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Are you a billing customer?

There are a selection of ways to pay your bill with Switch2.


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Read more Go to my Switch2 portal

Are you a pay-as-you-go customer?

As a pay-as-you-go customer of Switch2, there are a selection of ways you can top-up and keep in control of your energy spend.

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Problem with your heating system?

Before you call us you might want to try our simple diagnostic test to try and find out for yourself what might be not quite right with your heating or hot water.

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Read more Go to my Switch2 portal

Are you moving home?


If you own your home and are moving, or sub-letting your property. You will need to advise your managing agent to get in touch with us.


If you are moving home, we would usually need your managing agent, housing association or landlord to get in touch with us, just to confirm who to change the billing details over to.

Once we have confirmation of you moving home, we can then arrange to take a final meter reading. We will then provide you with either your final bill or a reimbursement of any credit remaining on your Switch2 account, once you have moved out of your home.

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Visit my Switch2 portal

What is Heat Trust?

Heat Trust is the first voluntary customer protection scheme, designed to protect heat network customers.

Launched in November 2015 as an independent, non-profit consumer champion for heat networks that holds the industry to account for the benefit of everyone involved.

Heat Trust make sure customers enjoy the benefits of heating systems fit for the future by:

  • Applying strict customer service standards to heat suppliers
  • Providing access to an independent dispute resolution service through the Energy Ombudsman
  • Working with suppliers to promote best practice, innovation and continuous improvement in customer service

It works by creating a layer of customer protection for residents on heat networks, putting a standard in the quality and level of customer service provided to customers by their heat energy supplier.

Learn more about Heat Trust
Learn more about Heat Trust

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