Resolving a problem with your heating system

Sometimes, things don’t go quite to plan. Before you call us about not having heating or hot water; try the following steps. Our customer services team are always here to help should you need a helping hand.

What equipment Switch2 can help you with

This can vary but in the main it is your heat interface unit, heat meter and prepayment unit.

Areas out of scope are: Water, electric, shower and white goods

No hot water, radiators not heating up, leak or no heat

Contact Switch2 if you have a problem with your heating

Is your programmer on?

Check your programmer to see if it is set for your heating to be turned on. If it is on contact Switch2.

Radiator TRV on?

You need to check the controls on your radiator to check if they are turned on. Also check other radiators in your property.  If everything looks to be set to on then please call Switch2.

Is your electricity working?

If not this could mean you are experiencing a power cut which is affecting your heating and equipment. You can visit or call 105 to report a power cut or find out information about a power cut.

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