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We offer a complete end-to-end solution

At Switch2 we are pleased to offer a complete end-to-end solution to our clients. From financial modelling, supplying equipment and commissioning, right through to ongoing maintenance and consumer relationship management, we offer an efficient, first class service which benefits you and your residents.

Financial Modelling1Financial modelling

Based on our extensive data sets and experience in community energy projects, we can prepare a financial model based on agreed assumptions to help identify the cost to your customers and the long term operation of the scheme.

We consider that the establishment of a correct tariff is critical for the financial viability of the scheme and can provide tariff modelling assistance at the early stages of the project as either a simple or full financial model.

Supply Equipment1Supply equipment

We supply the equipment you need to make your community heating scheme a success.  From our many years’ experience, our product range is tried and tested and based on quality and performance which gives you peace of mind. We manufacture our own heat interface units here in the UK and only use quality and durable components. We also provide a commissioning service to verify the set-up and installation has been managed correctly. View our products.

installation and commissioning1Commissioning

We offer a commissioning, re-commissioning and verification service for all elements of a communal heating scheme.  Commissioning is a fundamental element of ensuring that any communal heating scheme is designed and set-up correctly to ensure long-term financial viability.

We have an expert team of commissioning engineers who set-up, validate or re-commission any mechanical, metering and automatic meter reading (AMR) system to the design criteria, for both commercial or domestic installations. This commissioning information is used to generate an electronic commissioning certificate and also stored onto the asset register within our Service Management System for future reference to enable correct on-going maintenance.

project delivery1Project delivery

We specialise in helping our customers develop their community energy schemes. From the initial planning phase through to the final handover and ongoing operation of the scheme, we will ensure your scheme gets off to the best start and carries on that way.

Our all-encompassing project delivery service includes financial modelling, technical appraisal, project implementation service agreement and project handover. Our many years of experience mean your scheme is in safe hands.

metering and data service1Metering and data service

We have been delivering cost effective smart metering solutions for over three decades. Energy metering plays a pivotal role in the monitoring and reduction of energy consumption.

Metering provides accurate consumption information, removing the need for estimated and ‘flat-charge’ billing, creating a more equitable way to pay. Accurate metering gives clear information to consumers about their consumption, helping them to manage what they use and, in turn, save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

We have introduced metering and automatic meter reading solutions to tens of thousands of households, helping them to significantly reduce their energy costs and enabling them to pay for their actual consumption. Our solutions include heat meters, electricity meters, gas meters, water meters and pay-as-you-go units.

Data collection systems (or automatic meter reading (AMR) systems) have been a core part of our business since their development and introduction to the UK. We use only the best products sourced from our European partners to ensure that you get the most accurate and high quality equipment, while delivering best value for money.

Billing1Billing, debt management

We are able to bill customers for various types of energy consumed including heating, cooling, electricity, cold water, domestic hot water and gas. We use the meter readings collected remotely to raise and issue bills to the customers on a monthly or quarterly basis. Our experienced consumer accounts team supports our customers with any queries or enquiries related to their bill and services. Along with billing we also offer a credit control and debt management service.


We were the first to introduce the concept of pay-as-you-go (prepayment) systems into community heating schemes more than 30 years ago and we are still leading the industry today. Our experience gives us the confidence to take on your debt risk, so you don’t have to.

Bringing together technology, risk management and consumer choice, our G6 is a market leading data collection and payment system. It can help to remove any stigma associated with pay-as-you-go energy, providing an entirely new level of data visibility and acting as a fantastic tool to assist in budgeting and managing fuel consumption. Find out more about the G6 pay as you go unit.

consumer relationship management1Consumer relationship management

As part of our end-to-end solution our Customer Services team will provide a central contact point through which all customers’ queries, payments or issues will be channelled.  Whether customers wish to make a payment, request the attendance of a maintenance engineer, speak with a member of our debt advisory team or simply enquire about the status of their account, the call will be handled in the same consistent and professional manner by expertly trained customer service staff.

The Customer Services team operate between the hours of 8:30 to 17:30 with the additional facility to accept calls outside of office hours.

We also provide a Resident Portal on this website which provides useful resources and materials for tenants. Visit the Resident Portal.

operations and maintenance1Operations and maintenance

We offer a complete range of operation and maintenance services to keep your community energy scheme running. Whatever your requirements, we have a service that fits.

We deliver a whole scheme approach, with options to cover the energy centre, distribution network and property internals, including consumer interface units (heat interface units), metering and prepayment systems. We currently provide maintenance services to around 50,000 properties and more than 100 energy centres across the UK on behalf of more than 200 clients.


Switch2 is able to offer funding support to local authorities and housing associations for upgrade schemes to help get a project off the ground. For PAYG clients we can cover the initial outlay costs of the G6 unit to provide funding for the upgrade on the AMR schemes. The funding would cover both the supply and the installation of equipment, and would be subject to a contract term, annual service charge and an agreed timescale for the upgrade project.


We led the way with ESCo services and we are experts in the area.

We can work with you in a number of ways, whether you want us to remove your risk and take complete control of your community scheme, or you want us to become a partner in a long-term joint venture, or you wish to keep control and sub-contract the scheme management to us – we have the expertise and options available to suit. View ESCo case studies.


Heat Network (Metering & Billing) Regulation 2014

“Metering solution cuts utility bills”

The Customer

Stratford Eye is a development of offices and apartments, overlooking the Olympics site in East London.

The Challenge

To boost London’s green credentials for the 2012 Olympics ENER-G tri-generation technology was chosen to facilitate the building’s own cooling, heating and electricity.


Switch2 secured an all-inclusive 15 year contract which covers every aspect of energy management, from utilities procurement through to customer care, billing and maintenance.


Switch2 delivers a comprehensive utilities management programme that includes metering controls, cash collection and financial administration. The metering controls mean residents in all 160 apartments can cut their utility bills by up to 30%, compared to an unmetered supply. Procurement of gas, water and electricity is also being provided by ENER-G.

Andy Withers, Project Manager of L&Q explains “Stratford Eye was a ground breaking scheme for L&Q, although not a planning requirement at the time we chose to specify a CHP system for environmental reasons… We worked closely with Switch2 to ensure that residents received value for money from the system, with tariffs comparing favourably to the normal utility providers.”

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