Switch2 Energy welcomes proposed heat network regulation

Thursday 10th May 2018 |

Community and district heating specialist Switch2 Energy has welcomed proposals to regulate the heat network sector by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

This chimes with earlier recommendations the Heat Network Task force, which is supported by Switch2, for a new regulatory framework.

In its Shared Warmth report, the industry task force,  led by the Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE), set out how better regulation could reduce investment risk and raise performance standards.

This research has supported the CMA’s newly published heat networks market study that proposes greater protection for customers.

Switch2 Energy’s Ian Allan, who is a member of the Heat Network Task Force, said: “The anticipated expansion of the heat network sector means that the voluntary codes of practice and customer service standards that Switch2 helped to develop, need to be reinforced to ensure consistent best practice across the entire industry.

“Regulating the sector will drive higher performance standards. This will increase resident satisfaction and protection, while encouraging further investment in the sector.

“Community and district heating schemes have an important role to pay in decarbonising the UK heat supply. With mandatory regulation we can ensure that all heat networks can deliver on their full potential to provide affordable, green and reliable heat to residents.”

The CMA is consulting on its heat network recommendations until 31 May 2018 and is expected to publish its conclusions this summer.  The CMA believes that regulation will increase consumer protection, improve design and build of heat networks, increase transparency, and achieve better price and quality controls.

Switch2 Energy provides a complete service to the district and community heating sector – supplying 70,000 residents and 180 clients across 500 heat networks. Services include equipment supply, metering, billing and pay-as-you-go, through to maintenance, energy centre management and customer services. Its systems and products that are benchmarked against industry good practice to improve customer service.